What is Hydro Jet Cleaning? Our Plumbers in Brea Answer!

Hydro jet cleaning is a term that is oftenA plumber in Brea snakes a power auger down a drain heard in the plumbing industry, and it sounds much more technical than super high pressure washing, but that's essentially what it is. A sprayer nozzle is fed down a drain or sewer pipe and turned on. The water pressure comes out at around 30,000 PSI, but can reach up to 35,000 PSI. It does a fantastic job of punching through even the toughest clogs. It will destroy tree roots and demolish plastic residue. It also clears all of the debris that has clung to the sides of the pipe. When the hydro cleaning is done the pipes are as clean as they were on the day they were installed, restoring flow back to its maximum capacity.

As for why it is so popular, we have to look at the other method of drain and sewer cleaning. The old process involved digging several small holes along the length of the pipe and boring a hole into the pipe to clear the blockage. The pipe would then be patched and recovered. Obviously, this was a messy and time a service tech can always clear your clog with a hydrojetconsuming process. The hydro jet is far faster and doesn't require any patching of the pipe. This means the integrity of the system remains intact.

The flexibility of the hydro jet line allows it to reach areas that traditional boring methods can't. A hydro jet can be run down a toilet and snaked around the P trap to allow a thorough cleaning from the very beginning of the system. Most hydro jets are self propelled and will pull themselves along as they clear out the pipes. This makes them easy to use on top of being more effective than other options.